Waterloo, Alabama

Waterloo, Alabama "Where the Eagles Soar"

Waterloo is a prime fishing location. Throughout the year, the Tennesee River is filled with fisherman and their goal is to catch the most crappie, the biggest bass or win one of many bass tournaments hosted in Waterloo, Alabama. Waterloo may be a small Town but we try to accomadate our fisherman to best of our ability. There are 2 boat ramps, 2 piers, handicap parking, a local restaurant, and convienance store for all their gas and bait needs.

 North Alabama Birding Trail Reports:

Fisherman's Paradise

 Bald Eagles

 Waterloo is a small town with a beautiful view of the river that surrounds it. Ask anyone who has ever been to Waterloo and they will tell you of the beautiful drive, then they will tell you about the biggest fish they ever caught or how many deer and turkey they seen along the way. Waterloo is our own little peace of heaven and whether your camping, fishing, hunting, playing on the water or just riding them old country roads...It's a great place to be!

 The Town of Waterloo sits a few miles west of the Natchez Trace Parkway in Northwestern Alabama. The area is renowned for its concentration of Bald Eagles that congregate here in the winter months. Sightings of half a dozen eagles are quite common, and at times over twenty have been seen on a single gravel bank! The Eagles also nest in the area, so while they can be seen year round, their concentrations are most impressive in the winter.